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Life’s Incisions Fragility Within.




They made the incisions and peeled back my skin,
revealing the fragility of the man from within.
A million mixed emotions surround shattered dreams,
a heartache barely beating that’s ripped at the seams.
They opened up my veins and injected poison and lies,
taped shut my mouth and scratched out my eyes.
An insistence that I listen to the bullshit they spout,
countless self-help groups that fill me with doubt.
Just keep taking the meds it will get better in time,
feeling the life draining with each passing clock chime.
Each day is a battle, filled with troubles and strife,
can’t face the bleak outlook of this thing they call life.
Where will I be ten years on from now?
Still anxious, still hurting, I think so somehow.



Life's Incisions Fragility Within


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