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Nobody Knows the Pain that I’m in.





Nobody knows the pain that I’m in,
a broadening smile hiding the sadness within.
Safe in my castle I have built up the walls,
strengthened the doorways so that I never fall.
Lying through my teeth that I’m doing okay,
whilst deep down I’m wishing take this heartache away.
Alone in the darkness and solitude refined,
harvesting the thoughts from an unbalanced mind.
Tossing and turning and thrashing about,
will someone help me these demons to out.
Taking so much medication I rattle when I walk,
a necessity to function and just to hear myself talk.
Living by the rules they insist that I follow,
they leave me so worthless, empty and hollow.
Just when I trust them it’s then that I find,
the knife in my back plunged in from behind.
I look in their eyes but they’re looking right through,
as I hold out my hands and ask them ” Et Tu “
They jeer and they snigger as they make me feel small,
by showing no mercy but taking it all.
Nobody knows the pain that I’m in,
Just seeing the casing[AdSense-A] don’t care what’s within.

Nobody Knows the Pain that I'm in.


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