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That Special Someone.



You sent my life into free fall,
by removing bricks from my firewall.
Like a master magician you picked the lock,
turning my heart into lava when before it was rock.
You sent my life into free fall,
by evoking emotions never wanting to recall.
To say it’s complicated is cutting it short,
you’re drawing me closer possessing every thought.
Longing to hold you tears me apart at the seams,
having no physical connection consigned only to dreams.
Holding you closely in the tightest embrace,
whispering sweet nothings as I kiss your soft face.
Making you smile to me means the world,
I’d play at court jester as the romance unfurled.
With every passing day you sap more of my power,
am I the knight who sets you free from the tower.
Each night as you gaze up at the heavens above,
look at the moon and channel it with love.
The next night I will be doing the same,
united by a constant an interstellar flame.
If it is I never get to meet you I just want to say,
I’ll die happy in the knowledge that I brightened your day.

that special someone



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