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Magical Christmas Spirit Reborn.



Remembering the good times we had,
they far outnumbered the ones that were bad.
It still pains me so much to say,
I miss you more each Christmas Day.
Christmas alone is never the best,
the day feels so normal a lot like the rest.
No one to greet you on the yuletide dawn,
as you wander downstairs on this cold frosty morn.
There’s no air of excitement waiting for me,
no prettily wrapped presents under my Christmas tree.
Sat with cuppa in hand I turn on the TV,
in the hopes of channelling some festivity.
There’s a Christmas church service beamed live from St. Paul’s,
my spirits lift slightly as I sing deck the halls.
Gazing at the baubles hung on my Christmas tree,
reminds me of the magic that this day should be.
Without hesitation I don coat and hat,
make my way out the door in seconds flat.
I greet my neighbours with a festive hello,
wish them glad tidings with a smile that I throw.
Suddenly I’m alive and I’m starting to feel,
the wonder of Christmas and the magic so real.
I spend time with family and together we sing,
heart warming carols with paper hats made for kings.
We sit down to enjoy our Christmas dinner a feast,
then retire with full bellies and a sherry at least.
Then before we all know it the day draws to and end,
and we go our separate ways with the farewells we now send.
Back to my solitude and silent abode,
from where only this morning with confidence I strode.
The baubles still glinting as they hang from the tree,
A poignant reminder of what Christmas means to me.

Magical Christmas Spirit Reborn



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